Your First Appointment

THE INITIAL HEALTH ANALYSIS... How Your Whole Health Journey Begins
Your first appointment with us is called an "Initial Health Analysis." Everyone begins with this comprehensive set of appointments. Yes, a set! This is comprised of two visits:
     Initial, Part 1: Appointment #1 is comprised of some standard paperwork and then your
                Initial Health Analysis testing. This takes approximately 90 minutes.
     Initial, Part 2: Appointment #2 The Results appointment. This takes place a few days
                 following your part-1 appointment. This part-2 appointment is when you will learn
                 the results of the initial analysis testing. You will receive a "Report Of Findings"
                 written up by our practitioner that: reviews your test results, outlines a plan of
                 action for your whole health journey, discusses how and why we encourage the
                 12-visit plan, how those visits affect your health, and lists pricing options. This visit
                 takes approximately 45 minutes.
At BOTH visits, you will have private clinic time with our practitioner. You may ask questions to get clarification on our programs and about what your specific plan might entail. We want to make sure you are 100% clear and comfortable with the process and your individual plan!

NOW IT'S TIME TO DECIDE! Are You Ready To "Go On a Plan?"
At the end of your part-2 appointment, our practitioner will ask if you are ready to "go on a plan." The following are your possible answers, and what to expect with those respective options...
   1. Yes. If you are ready to "go on a plan", we will hold your very first office visit right then. This helps us use your and our time efficiently to get the maximum benefit. There is a $45 charge for this next step, because it takes our practitioner additional time and work to determine your nutritional supplement program. (We make sure you know this up-front.) Your first visit happening right now means that you get to leave today with your Report of Findings AND your full nutritional supplement program! You will begin your new whole health path right away! Welcome aboard!
   2. Maybe. But I Need To Think About It. If you are kind of interested, but maybe want to talk it over with a significant other first, or give it some additional thought, just let us know. We will keep your Report of Findings until you decide to return and begin a plan.
   3. No, I'm Not Ready To Do This Quite Yet
If you are unsure about joining our nutritional program, that is ok. We know everyone is on their own health journey. We will keep your Report of Findings until you decide to return and begin a plan. We have an open door policy, so even if you do not sign up for a nutritional plan, we are still here for you regarding other products we offer for sale in the clinic, plus we will be ready to assist you once the time comes that you are ready to start your journey!

When you leave the clinic room, our practitioner will walk you up to the front and her assistant will take care of everything else! We will pull your specific nutritional supplements, offer a few tips, explain more about the visits if you have questions, and welcome you aboard! We will also schedule your next few follow-up appointments to get them on the schedule. We work hard to book your visits at your first choice of times. You will meet with our practitioner each time and she will review your program and retest everything to make sure your body is still utilizing the supplements. You may ask any health-nutrition related questions during your appointment. From now on, your appointments will be a 15-minute slot reserved just for you!