Quotes I felt a loss of energy. I wanted to be energetic and fit. I also was about 15 pounds overweight and seemed unable to lose the weight. I now feel and am energetic. I have very active, full days. I have lost 12 pounds and have been able to keep them off! I feel good! Quotes
James T.
satisfied customer in WI

Quotes While undergoing your program, following your recommended dietary guidelines and taking the nutritional supplements, I noticed great improvement (almost from the outset!) I have lost almost 40 pounds 'effortlessly' and weight loss was not a goal I had for seeing you. - The irritability has significantly diminished and allergy attacks are practically absent. The joint pains (especially in my stiff feet) have gotten so much better...and my sex drive is returning (after having low to none for the past 13 years). This has relieved some strain on my marriage! After just three months following the program I've got HORMONES again! My husband and I both thank you for that! Quotes
from Florida

Quotes Within 1-1//2 weeks the symptoms were all gone, and have stayed that way. Your analysis seems to be like a laser that goes right to the physical source of the problem. The recommended personalized nutritional programs have helped me and members of my family each time. Quotes
Bart D.