Quotes I came to Lakeshore Whole Health because my body was slow and hurting. I was also too heavy and didn't care about things. After following their guidance and making some much needed changes (they kept me accountable), I am lighter on the scale and much better all the way around. I have a clearer, sharper mind and thoughts, too. Quotes
almost retired!

Quotes BEFORE: I was limited to what I could eat due to MULTIPLE food allergies. NOW: I can breathe and eat food! It's so nice to be able to eat with my family again. Quotes
Sarah W.
school teacher

Quotes I had periodontal disease and was scheduled for extensive cleaning. But by the time I went back for a check up, the dentist canceled the procedure because of marked improvement in the condition. All I have done is follow my nutrition program from Lakeshore Whole Health. Quotes
in Ludington

Quotes BEFORE: I was very short of breath, and because of it, I was tired all the time just doing everyday basics around the house. I was lucky to get three consecutive sleeping hours at night; couldn't fall back asleep after using the restroom. NOW: Oh my! I can do my stairs in the house (basement to first floor, then continue on to upstairs) and still not breathe hard! Wow! I have so much energy it almost scares me! I have started to lose weight (about a pound a week), the ringing in my ears is starting to quiet down a bit. I sleep between 5-7 hours in a night... I wake up, use the restroom, and GO BACKTO SLEEP AGAIN! Quotes
I'm a happy senior

Quotes I came to LWH because I had low energy, many nights of insomnia, lower back pain and shoulder pain. After following their recommendations and nutritional plan, I have more energy, sleep much better, and have very little to NO back or shoulder pain. It's amazing. Quotes
Eric from Ludington

Quotes BEFORE: My head was stuffed up a lot; not very good bowel movements, not sleeping very good and I drank too much coffee. NOW: My head is clear, better bowels, I was able to cut out much of the coffee and am sleeping much better! Quotes
Tom S.
from Ludington

Quotes BEFORE: I was fatigued, not feeling well and had no energy. NOW: I have lots of energy and feeling extremely better. Life is good again! Quotes
Sandra D
longtime customer of LWH

Quotes BEFORE: Yucky. I was suffering from arthritis, limping, low energy, sleeping poorly, feeling very unhappy about my health and it was greatly affecting my quality of life. NOW: 100% improved! I don't suffer from arthritis much at all anymore! I have energy, I sleep well and I generally feel good ? it had been far too long since I felt happy. Quotes
satisfied client

Quotes BEFORE: I was having a lot of trouble with my digestive system, always felt ill with a stomach ache all the time, and not sleeping well. Everything I ate seemed to make it worse. I needed to find out what types of foods I was intolerant to. Blood test showed I wasn't allergic to anything. NOW: I feel wonderful! My stomach is not feeling sick anymore (until I eat what WASN'T recommended!) My bowels don't feel sick anymore. I 'm sleeping through the night and I'm not tossing & turning all night. Thank you LWH! Quotes
Jan F.
happy client

Quotes We enjoy this program so much! We understand how food affects our body in a whole new way. We will continue many of the healthy habits started at Lakeshore Whole Health. I look forward to cooking with new eyes! Quotes
Happy and Healthy, Finally!